Libra - Live Fearless

Integrated, TV, Digital, Social, Outdoor

A fully-integrated campaign with one goal: help the women of Australia and New Zealand to live fearless. And, no, not in a tampon, white pants and horse riding sort of way. It's a genuine attempt to get women to find their own little nuggets of bravery to combat the things in life that hold them back.  

The Site

This behemoth of a project needed to live somewhere. So we created I Am Fearless, a platform that sparked a fire of positive Internet sharing, comfort and bravery 

Seriously, check it out here. It's pretty fantastic. 

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50 Days of Fearless

We decided that we couldn't just tell people to live fearless. We had to show them how to do it. In the lead up to the launch of the campaign we created 50 Days of Fearless. For 50 days we posted inspirational mantras and challenges to encourage our fans to do one simple fearless thing every day. It was a big change from the old Ryan Gossling and hats made of tampons, but soon enough, we had real girls having really honest, vulnerable conversations about fear. It was freaking amazing.